#COVID19 Cat Lady Chronicles — March Onwards

Trainer: Vickie will now be doing 5 reps of…
Me: Vickie will be doing 2 reps because of reasons.

A new addition to the office elevator, and dry-erase broad stating that the car has been sanitized today.
English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Persian.
Elfish, code, emoji, calligraphy, Morse code, Braille, sign language, Hebrew…
From Elizabeth Gilbert.
That’s fine, Tigs. I don’t need the other half of this notebook anyway.

“Local woman makes all reasonable preparations for self quarantine, has an ok time working from home, a little bored”

I swear I’m smiling.
South Bund Fabric Market
I’ll say.
#ootd with a side of feline chaos.
This is really just so I can have a pretty preview image. Made with Canva.com



Recovering writer. Made in Taiwan; based in Shanghai. www.vickiew.com

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